The return of the “Booch” part 2


kombucha fermentation's last step
kombucha fermentation’s last step

This is part two of a how to brew your very own kombucha. You might want to look at part one first.

 Once your concoction smells or tastes more vinegary than sweet you can start (This is really more of a trial and error thing). Again, cleanliness is key. Get a ladle and scoop out the liquid, leaving about an eight or so for the next batch. It helps if you have a funnel for this. Also I use resealable bottles. These are Fisher beer bottles.


Now, just juice some stuff and add a bit to the raw kombucha. I usually do about  an eighth or so. What you put in it is up to you. Again trial and error. I just want to warn you about pineapple. It, for some reason gets really carbonated and will likely all bust out when you open the bottle again. Just my experience. You might make it work. What I used this time is one of my favorites. Apple and ginger.



Where all the juicing magic happens
Where all the juicing magic happens

Let this sit for one week in a dark place at room temperature again and it should be a delicious brew. Be wary, if you let it sit for to long, or use pineapple, it might get to fizzy and “explode” on you when you first open it.

Have fun, enjoy and let me know how it turns out. I now I will…